Veloci Raptor HDD

Wd WD740GD-50FLC0 Wd Raptor 74GB 3. 5 Sata Hd, Like New Pulls, 90 Days Warranty. (WD740GD50FLC0)

Rating 5
740GD50FLC0 Raptor 74GB 3 5 Sata Hd


Pc brainiacs advise using the 740GD-50FLC0 Raptor. Find out more about many different models if you do not have one in particular that you just have a preference for. A little bit of investigating will go a considerable way based on that you may with certainty buy the things which you prefer. To see the cheap price I found, visit our store button on this site.

WD WD740GD-50FLC0 WD RAPTOR 74GB 3. 5 SATA HD, Like New PULLS, 90 DAYS WARRANTY. Internal (WD740GD50FLC0)


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