Veloci Raptor HDD

74GB Sata Western Digital Raptor 10K Rpm 16MB WD740ADFD

Rating 5
74GB Sata Raptor 10K Rpm 16MB WD740ADFD

Western Digital

Package Quantity: 1

The 74GB Sata Raptor 10K is a nice product for the pc. I feel you will like that the product includes this feature, 74gb, 10000 rpm, 16 mb cache, avg. seek 4. 6ms, avg. write 5. 2ms. Other features consist of form factor 3. 5", sata 1. 5gb/s and average latency 2. 99ms. The bar code also known as the International Article Number for this is 0718037721217. It weighs about 2 lbs. To take advantage of the discount I uncovered, click on our store link below.


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