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Western Digital 80GB 10K Rpm 8MB SATA/150 Hard Drive

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80GB 10K Rpm 8MB SATA150 Hard Drive

Western Digital

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The 80GB 10K Rpm 8MB SATA/150 a great stroage drive made by Western Digital is an excellent product for the gaming system. The barcode for this is 0683728100933. In my opinion you will like that the item comes along with this feature, western digital raptor 80 gb sata/150 hard drive general features: 80 gb formatted capacity. Other features include c-tick bsmi mic. 80gb 10k rpm 8mb sata150 hard drive. If you want a good deal for this high speed hdd, click on the link below.

Some tough drive companies design desktop-class drives making use of the SATA interface. The WD800GD WD Raptor features an 80 GB storage capacity and blisteringly fast 10,000 RPM spindle speed! Western Digital will be the only company combining a 10,000 RPM enterprise-class mechanical platform with all the SATA interface to meet all the demands of the enterprise environmentreliability, performance, and reduced price. To meet the demands of enterprise storage, Western Digital is going one particular better. The WD800GD also features an 8 MB buffer and Serial ATA (SATA) 150 interface!


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