Veloci Raptor HDD

Western Digital Raptor WD800ADFS 80GB SATA/300 10,000RPM 16MB Hard Drive

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Raptor WD800ADFS 80GB SATA300 10

Western Digital

Package Quantity: 1

The Raptor WD800ADFS 80GB SATA300 10 is a good item for your server. I in fact loved that it had the feature of storage capacity: 80 gb 10,000 rpm spindle speed sata/300 interface 16 mb buffer. 683728216184 is the UPC for this ideal product. Lowest price on the raptor wd800adfs 80gb. Should you need a good deal on this hdd, check out the link on this site.

Add a lot more storage capacity and have much more room for music, games, videos, along with other critical data! This Western Digital Raptor WD800ADFS hard drive features 80 GB of storage capacity which is plenty of area for adding much more data to your multimedia library. The WD800ADFS also features a SATA/300 interface which offers a maximum bandwidth of 300 MB/s. Add this Raptor hard drive to an external case enclosure and you've got a reliable second hard drive for your pc! With an impressive 10,000 RPM spindle speed and 16 MB buffer you can expect smooth and reliable operation.


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