Veloci Raptor HDD

Western Digital WD360GD 36. 7GB Sata Hdd 10,000RPM

Rating 5
WD360GD 36 7GB Sata Hdd 10

Western Digital

Package Quantity: 1

Interested in a drive for your pc? The WD360GD 36. 7GB Sata Hdd 10 a great hdd for your pc. WD360GD 36. 7GB Sata Hdd 10 is an example of top quality item you can get on the internet. For everybody who is wishing to purchase this item, you have come to the right place. Our company offers you special savings for this stroage drive with safe purchase. It's 8"H x 13"L x 10"W. It has a weight of 5 lbs. 718037106717 is the UPC also known as the Universal Product Code, for this incredible drive. Cheapest price WD360GD 36. 7GB Sata Hdd 10. I would like for you to get the best price when buying a fast desktop hdd.

Western Digital Raptor 36. 5 Internal Hard Drive - 1 Pack - SATA/150 - 10000 rpm - 8 MB Buffer 70 GB 3.


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