Veloci Raptor HDD

WD360GD Western Digital Raptor 36 Gb 10K Rpm 8MB Buffer 3. 5 Inche

Rating 5
WD360GD Raptor 36 Gb 10K Rpm 8MB Buffer

Western Digital

Package Quantity: 1

WD360GD Raptor 36 one of the best high speed drives enhancement. Product# 0033585351410. Quite a few brands making storage drives, with the many famous brands featuring various deals and also quality. It ought to contain a normal warranty, whether it is 30 days or even an full 12 months. Do not forget that extended warranties can be obtained, but they come at a price and they are sometimes unnecessary. Buy the wd360gd raptor 36 gb 10k rpm 8mb buffer. To find the best bargain on this item along with other items, visit the market add to shopping cart button.


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